For over 25 years, this firm has represented general contractors, architects, developers, sureties, owners, and subcontractors with contract negotiation, enforcement and termination, (including, but not limited to, retainage and Prompt Pay Act remedies and issues); mechanic's and materialman's lien enforcement; construction defect litigation; direct and indirect delay damage issues; insurance claims and disputes; surety litigation; payment and performance bond litigation; alternative dispute resolution and other facets of commercial and residential construction projects.

Attorneys Skilled in Construction Law:

Phillip Fleenor

Adam U. Holland

Buck Dougherty



Construction law can vary by state, and there are a number of terms used to describe a building that is under construction, including erection, construction, moving, conversion, alteration, remodeling, and addition. Your community's building inspection department, office of planning and zoning, or department of permits will have a listing of the necessary construction law permits, construction contract law regulations, and inspections related to building and zoning codes for new construction or remodeling. Please read on to find a construction law lawyer, construction law attorney or find more information about construction law or access more information here in the construction law practice center.